Jenny Morris

Jenny Morris

Nutrition Coach

My favourite thing to do would have to be burpees and box jumps….put them together and I’m in heaven!  During the crazy Covid days of workouts at home I once did 1000 burpees in 1 hour 17 mins and 42 secs 🙈


Precision nutrition

Nursing diploma

Psychology degree

About Coach

I grew up as a competitive athlete playing soccer on multiple different levels throughout my life. Playing across North America and in both college and university. As a young adult, I was introduced to CrossFit (as an experimental client) 15 years ago. From that day forward I’ve been hooked! The competitive edge, the ever-changing workouts, and the sense of family you get out of it keep me coming back for more! Right from my days of coming out of university I’ve been deeply rooted in health. Nursing for 10 years before having my 4 children. Now I see the importance of modeling healthy living, exercise, and great food choices, having all these little eyes looking up at me

Turning Point

I grew up with a very intelligent brother. He was known for his brains and I was known for my athletic performance. Having this in my mind made me feel like I wasn’t smart enough. Being determined and driven has given me both a diploma and a degree, a successful career in nursing, and now I’m living out my passion as a nutrition coach in the CrossFit world

Motivation & Passion

I’m here to help anyone and everyone. I need people to know how important nutrition is in everyday life….it fuels you to get through your day, it puts your mind in a great “space”, it help you sleep. A little bit of work, and changing some bad habits is all it takes. I’m here to support you, coach you and be your number 1 cheerleader

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