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Brent Ackland



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About Coach

You need to ask yourself one question: Are you living the life that you want to live? Brent has dedicated the last decade to helping people live a more fulfilling life. He brings a rare combination of traditional fitness and performance background and utilizes these skills in the great outdoors. Having been a full-time fitness coach for over 10 years, primarily on the water with stand-up paddling through PaddleFit, and more recently acquiring CrossFit Level 1 Certification. A tireless ambassador for stand-up paddling and loves introducing people to the sport as well as showing them how the sport can complement their fitness goals.

Turning Point

In addition to promoting stand-up paddling and the benefits of CrossFit, he has spent numerous years as a financial planner, and business consultant, and is the owner of two successful businesses. He is selfless when providing advice and expertise to assist others to launch their own businesses or how to incorporate more fitness into their lives.

Motivation & Passion

Brent truly embodies the spirit of CrossFit and is living proof that CrossFit is a lifestyle and not just a sport. “Life is not about perfection it is about progression. I am committed to helping you take the first step toward your goals. Now is the time to start your journey towards maximizing your potential”

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